High School to
Two-Four Year College
Cyber Bridge

Bridge Overview

To encourage cyber security awareness and training early on at K-12 level, successful programs such as NSF GenCyber, NSF JRTOC Cyber Academy provides cyber security training for high school and middle school students intensively during the summer sessions. However, many of the program participants look for support to continue their journey towards a cybersecurity career which currently does not exist. The goal of the High School to 2Y/4Y College Cyber Bridge program is to connect these high school students to regional and national CAE-2Y and CAE-4Y programs and help in successful transition into a cybersecurity academic program at a CAE-2Y or CAE-4Y school.

Bridge Activities

• Connect high school juniors and their teachers to the faculty mentors from regional and national CAE-2Y and CAE-4Y colleges.
• Provide admissions advice based on the student’s area of cyber interest.
• Connect participants with college peer mentors from regional and national CAE-2Y and CAE-4Y colleges.
• Provide guidance to successful college admissions to one of the CAE-2Y or CAE-4Y schools.
• Provide information about cybersecurity scholarships such as NSF CyberCorps SFS and DoD CySP program.
• Provide hands-on training and networking opportunities at high school cyber bridge track at USCyBridgeCon.

Bridge Committee

The committee will have members from experienced high school cyber teachers and CAE-2Y and CAE-4Y faculty members with program experience in GenCyber and JRTOC Cyber Academy. Please visit the Get Involved page for more information.